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Frans-Roger BV is the exclusive distributor in Belgium of the generators of the top brand EME.

EME synchronous generators have high efficiency and constant frequency. They deliver the best results through a careful selection of high-quality and precisely matched components and an optimal design.

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Internally vented synchronous generators

The air of the cooling medium is efficiently led to the parts of the windings in the machine to be cooled.


  • Voltage: 100–1000VAC

  • Power: 5–1000 kVA

  • Frequency: 50–400 Hz

  • Speed: 500–3000rpm

Rib-cooled synchronous generators

An extremely robust design with high power density and optimum reliability.


  • Voltage: 100–1000 V AC + 28 – 110 V DC

  • Power: 5–600 kVA

  • Frequency: 50–400 Hz

  • Speed: 500–3000rpm


Liquid-cooled synchronous generators

Equipped with a double-walled cooling system. Particularly suitable for demanding stationary use, but also fully usable for mobile systems.

  • Voltage: 100–1000VAC

  • Power: 20–150

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Speed: 1500–3000 rpm

Permanent magnet synchronous generators

The magnetic field in the rotor is not generated by current-carrying conductors, but by permanent magnets, which ensures high efficiency with optimum power density.

  • Voltage: 100–1000VAC

  • Power: 10–200

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Speed: 333–1500 rpm



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