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Repairs & Maintenance

Count on Frans-Roger if you have a problem with an electric drive or electric motor. We help you quickly and efficiently with all electrical and mechanical repairs.

We can carry out most repairs on site. But it is also possible for us to dismantle the drive or electric motor and take it to our workplace. Here we have all the necessary facilities to solve any possible problem. We keep all common parts in stock, so that we always have the right spare part available. After every repair, we balance and test the engine or drive thoroughly on one of our test benches.

We can also rewind or coil your drivetrain and carry out extensive overhauls and other maintenance (at regular intervals or as needed).

For every repair, in our workplace or in your company, you can count on a professional attitude, expertise and experience. You get perfect results with a personal service.

For urgent repairs we provide a 24/7 service, so that your production loss is kept to a minimum.


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